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How manifestation turned my dream into reality

How manifestation turned my dream into reality
How manifestation turned my dream into reality


Dream and you shall become – Wayne Dyer


About a year ago I first stumbled upon the concept of using the Law of Attraction and manifestation techniques to shape our own reality. The Law of Attraction is a universal law that is believed to govern the entire Universe, us included. In short, the Law of Attraction says that what we focus our attention on we will attract into our lives. With our thoughts, we send out energy that has a certain vibration and this vibration syncs up with things, people, and events in the outside world that have the same vibration. So by learning to consciously manage the thoughts that we have, we can shape our reality accordingly and start living the life we have always dreamed of. This is what is called conscious creation.

I remember watching the documentary The Secret on a classic rainy Sunday afternoon and being deeply intrigued by the audacity of this idea. It left me feeling rather skeptical but at the same time tremendously excited. How on earth could this possibly be true? If such a game-changing principle was available to so many people and this knowledge had been there for so many years already, how come I didn’t know of anyone applying it in their daily life? How come something like this isn’t taught in schools worldwide? The whole thing seemed very unreal to me. But I felt a tickle going down my spine thinking that if it were true, it has the potential to turn our world around

And so I set out on a little journey to dive deeper into the concept of conscious creation.

It turned out I wasn’t prepared for the abundance of information that is available on the subject. Going about my usual method of research I started gathering every single piece of information I could get my hands on. I kept on adding books to my never-ending reading list, watching hours of YouTube-documentaries, reading lengthy articles, and subscribing for webinars from more experienced manifesters who are sharing their inspiring tips and tricks.

Within a matter of weeks, I had gathered enough reading material to last me a lifetime and I didn’t have a single clue where to start. There was so much information to take in that I couldn’t see the forest for the trees and after a couple of weeks of watching videos and reading Q&A’s, I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. At that point, I came to realize that rather than hoarding all of this information and waiting to start practicing until I felt I was enough of an expert on the subject, I’d better just limit myself to understanding the bare basics and picking out one technique to implement in my daily life.

This reminded me of an important lesson: we don’t need to be an expert to start creating something valuable. There is no need to take that one extra course, read yet one more book or have that extra bit of cash. Yes, sure, it can help, but conscious creation (or life, for that matter) is a learn-as-you-go kind of thing. Once you have the basics down and you kind of know a little bit about what you’re doing, there is no reason to hold yourself back. Just play, have fun with it! Our need to always know more, need more, and have more is an illusion that is keeping us small and holding us back from pursuing our dreams. We are never going to be ‘ready’ anyway and life is happening NOW. We can start right here, right now, with what we have. And then we can go from there, learning new things and picking up new skills along the way, while already sharing the value that we have with the world.

So I started playing around with different exercises until I found one that felt right and every day during my lunch break I would read a short article or a blog post on the basic workings of the Law of Attraction. After dedicating myself to doing my little ritual every morning and evening for a couple of weeks, I was amazed at how powerful it was. To my own surprise, I was actually starting to see some results. Even though in the beginning it were only small accomplishments, like having my favorite song play on the radio while driving to work and manifesting a particular parking spot to be free when I arrived, these things started occurring with such uncanny frequency that they couldn’t be denied. Moreover, as my ritual started growing on me it proved to be a tremendous help to put me in a happy and positive mood, which alone is a great way to start and close your day.

I’ve put together a short ritual guide for you so you can try out the powerful ritual that I’ve been using to start manifesting your own dreams into reality out for yourself! You can sign up down below to get access to the free download. I can’t wait to hear about all of the magic this little ritual will bring your way!


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When I first started seeing results in my daily life, it gave me the confidence to start manifesting more boldly and to focus on some bigger wishes that my heart had secretly been keeping safe while I was busy worrying about any ‘n’ everything. My boyfriend had just started going through a multiple-stage selection process to apply for a traineeship that would greatly impact both of our lives and I decided to try to manifest him coming out successful and us living a wonderful life in a new city with bright new perspectives for my own future.

Some of my wishes included him being happy and successful in his new job, us effortlessly finding the ideal and wonderfully located apartment, and me having the time and freedom to further develop in my pursuing my passion (even though at that time I had no clue what my passion was). While I was imagining all of this I was still working a full-time job at a law firm that stressed me out so much I had to stay home sick one day a week for months. This dream life I was sculpting in my mind was in a practical sense very unlikely to become real, to say the least. And I wasn’t even 100% sure I wanted to quit my job and give up all of my securities, looking at it from a rational point of view. But somehow on a deeper level, I sensed that a better, happier future just might be right around the next bend and I decided to hold onto that little spark of faith.

I kept on using the same ritual, performing it every morning and evening for about 2 months and the results are still baffling me. Our status quo about 6 months later:

  • My boyfriend got super lucky and made it into the traineeship after someone declined their spot and he turned out to be the first one on the waitlist. Five months in he is now happy and successful in his new job.
  • We found our beautiful and affordable apartment in an amazing neighborhood after we went to exactly one open house, which we stumbled upon the first time we even googled for apartments.
  • I found the most wonderful yoga studio located within a 5-minute walk from our house, which has now become my second home and where I keep meeting beautiful people that inspire me to show up for myself and pursue my passion.
  • And last but not least I was able to have 3 months of total freedom which allowed me to work on and launch this blog which has now turned into a platform for me to share my voice and develop on my path.

I am not sharing this with you to blow my own horn, but to show you just how powerful manifestation really is. A year ago I never would’ve thought anything like this was in the cards for us. It did not make any sense in a practical way and the chances of everything working out as perfectly as it did were really slim. But once I committed to convincing myself that it was indeed possible and that I do have the power to create it, things started shifting and aligning to make it happen.

Of course, we had to take all of the actions to get there. My boyfriend did have to work hard to get through those nerve-racking assessments, we did have to open our laptop to start looking for apartments, and I did have to put all of those hours into setting up this blog. But when we did show up and take all of the actions, things just started flowing with such uncanny ease that I intuitively knew we were on the right track.

So after all of this happened there was no doubt left in my mind that this concept of conscious creation is actually REAL. Even though I sometimes still find it hard to grasp that there lies so much power in my own hands, I am slowly becoming more and more used to the idea. Shifting my mindset is an intense process that takes a lot of commitment and it doesn’t happen overnight, but as I keep shedding layers of the fear of stepping into my power, my confidence in my identity as a creator of my own life is growing day by day. If I can dream it, I can create it. 

I have since been diving in deeper into the vast ocean of info that is available on this subject and have found many more ways to incorporate powerful little habits and mindset changes it into my daily life. I will be sharing more of my best tips with you here soon, so keep an eye out if you’re ready to start shaping your own dream life! (and I mean, who isn’t, right?)

For now, I am just really curious about your experiences with manifestation and deliberately creating your own reality! Drop me a comment below to tell me all about it.

Love and light,

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